We will be closed Saturday and Sunday 4th of July weekend

1) Please come to your appointment alone.  No additional guests or children at your appointment.

2) Limit individuals inside the premises to clients, minor children of clients, a parent of a client if the client is a minor, or a single companion if necessary to assist with communication or mobility. Unless needed in order to assist with the provision of services, all such individuals not receiving services shall maintain six feet distance in the reception and/or waiting area or remain outside, maintaining six feet distance from others, or in their vehicles. 

3)  Temperature checks will be taken upon arrival.  No one with a fever (100.4) will be allowed to receive services.

4)  Please, no large handbags.  Bring only what you need and can fit in your lap.

5)  All team members and clients MUST WEAR MASKS.  No exceptions.  We can provide you one if needed. 

6)  We will greet you verbally.  No hugs or handshakes.

7)  Clients will be required to sanitize their hands upon check-in.

8)  We will not be offering coffee or any drinks. 

9)  Makeup touch-up's will not be offered at this time.

10)  For the duration of your appointment you will remain in your stylist’s chair.  

11) No checks will be accepted.  We will gladly accept credit card payments or cash.

12)  Capes and smocks are washed between each guest, as always.

13)  Before and after each guest the stylist’s station will be cleaned and disinfected in its entirety.

14)  Before and after each guest all combs, brushes and tools will be disinfected.

15)  Between guests all surface areas including retail shelves, front desk, computers, tablets, credit card terminals, phones, door handles, light switches, sanitation station and restroom.

.We care and appreciate your continued business.  

The Creative Team is eager to be back to work doing what we love. 

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