Facial (90 Min )
$99. Reg. $139.

This blend delivers deep and soothing hydration. Unwind as a facial massage with a treatment oil delivers 2-part
Radiance. This blend is crafted from botanical oils that are rich in vital fatty acids & antioxidants, including Hi-Bio™ fast absorbing, full spectrum hemp oil with Cannabinoids. Natural healing processes are supported
with cold fermented Green Gram extract, which absorbs Easily and contains powerful free radical fighting tannins. Conclude with a soothing three milk moisturizer and a Powerhouse eye serum that sends crow’s feet on the
Run. The resulting radiant glow is a dream comes true!

Body Scrub
(90 Min. ) $99. Reg. $150.

EXPERIENCE: A sensory journey to fully mellow you from head to toe waits! Skin is buffed and polished with a juicy fine grain sea salt scrub packed full of Vitamin C , fresh Raspberry extract, with a scent so succulent and sweet, it’s just perfect. Next comes a massage with a feathery, light-as-air body mousse – infused with skin nourishing botanical oils plus fast absorbing, full spectrum hemp oil – rich in cannabinoids and over 15 vitamins and minerals. Skin drinks in the U.S. grown, non-GMO soy and safflower oils with skin repairing fatty acids, as the skin restoring antioxidant retinol helps to nourish, smooth and firm.

Creative Twist Salon & Company

Immerse in a refreshing bubbling fizzer soak bath that both relaxes and invigorates. A sprightly sugar scrub, made  with Square One organic vodka and raspberry extract, thoroughly banishes dead, dry skin and hydrates deeply with natural oils.
A light drizzle of melted shea, cocoa and mango butters makes for a lavish massage finale like no other!

Body Treatment
(90 Min.) $99. Reg. $150.

We’ve combined the best of the earth and plants into a total enveloping experience that begins with red Arizona montmorillonite clay and micro pumice that covers skin, finely exfoliates the surface, and leaves a smooth, calming feel in its wake. Next, an age-old peat mud nutrient mask envelops skin with bioactive organic plant matter and minerals to rapidly bring cool relief to skin irritations. Once “plentifully” treated, you’re drizzled in a warm honey, aloe and papaya fruit serum that seals in hydration. After an Agave Nectar Oil massage, skin is plump full of moisture and radiantly retaining a youthful, renewed appearance.