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Creative Twist Skin Care

Creative Twist Skin Care  aestheticians are specially licensed skin care specialists expert in all types of skin and facial beauty services. Our signature facial will improve the appearance and overall feeling of your skin immediately. Make your appointment today to set up an appointment for a great skin rejuvenation experience.

Creative Twist & Day Spa is expert in all of the following types of skin care:

Signature Facial – 60 min     

For all skin types

Hydration/Hydracure Facial – 115 min     

Moisturizing the skin cells by protecting them against the dehydration process.

Anti-Age Facial – 115 min     

The skin recovers elasticity. Stimulates the production of collagen. Regulates pigmentation.

Oily/Acne Prone Facial – 115 min     

Balance the production of sebum. Fight pore blockage and reduce inflammation.


 Vitamin C Facial – 115 min     

Repair environmental damage and other signs of aging.  Increases collagen and boosts firmness and hydration.

Delicate/Rosacea Facial – 115 min     

Calm and strengthen the most delicate and irritated skin.

Designer Lift – 120 min     

Restores firmness, suppleness, hydration. Increases density of skin


Dark Spot Treatment – 60 min     

Improve quality of your skin, scarring and fine lines.  Discoloration is faded. Skin is detoxified and left hydrated.


Back Facial – 45 min     

Deep cleansing and impurities removed. Skin exfoliation, followed with appropriate treatment masque.


Eye Treatment – 20 min     

Restructures and instantly lifts  fragile eye and contour areas.  Darkness, puffiness & signs of fatigue minimized.


Break Time-Facial – 30 min     

Deep cleaning and steam to remove blackheads. Surface peel removes dead skin.  Masque and moisturize. Includes extractions.


Teen-Facial (13-17 years old) – 45 min     

Deep cleaning and steam to remove blackheads. Surface peel removes dead skin.  Masque and moisturize.  Includes extractions.


Gentlemen Facial – 60 min     

Deep cleaning and steam to remove blackheads.  Masque and moisturize.

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