Tape in Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the fastest ways to change your hair in a dramatic fashion by adding length, volume and/or color. Hair takes one month to grow up to a half inch, so a few hours at the salon is a much faster way to add inches to your hair and drastically change your style. If you have short or medium length hair and are bored with the style or do not have the time to grow it out, hair extensions are perfect Book a appointment Today !

Includes Hair And Application *

4 Packs of 10                 $ 900

Feature and Benefits
Full head, Create endless opportunities, Add length & volume, Special color effects, Ombre Balayage and complete color change

1 Pack  of 10              $225

Feature and benefits

will give you a Pop of color it will create volume ,fill insides ,thinning hair

2 Packs of 10                $450

Feature and benefits
Half head ,Build a haircut ,Color blocking , color change ,Thinning hair clients

3 Packs of 10                $675.

Feature and Benefits
Creating balayage , Hair painting , Alterative ombre , Add length and volume